Students desirous of availing the following scholarships should apply in the prescribed forms through the Principal to the concerned   authorities.

1.   National Scholarship:

The National Scholarshgip Scheme was introduced by Govt. of India in the Year 1962. It awards incentives to the exceptionally meritorious and poor students. This facility is extended to those whose parents income is below Rs.10,0000/- per annum. Students whose parents have higher income are however eligible to get proficiency certificate from Govt. of India along with a prize of Rs.100/-. The awards are conferred on the results of HSC and CHSE examinations. It may however, be mentioned that if the annual income of the parent is reduced to Rs.10,0000/- per annum due to his retirement or death, the scholar who had previously been awarded the merit certificate and national prize will be entitled to receive the scholarship dues from the month in which this situation occured.     The value of scholarship is as follows.

CLASS                                 DAY SCHOLARS                BOARDERS

1.      +2 Arts/Sc.                            Rs.300/- PM

2.      +3 Degree in Arts & Sc.   Rs.500/- PM

2.            Junior College Merit Scholarship :

This is awarded on the basis of merit to the students passing the Annual HSC Examination. The value of the scholarship amounts to Rs.40/- per month. It is awarded for a period of 2 years.

3. Senior Merit-cum-Means Scholarship :

This is awarded by DHE, Orissa @Rs.50/- PM on the basis of the results of +2 Examination for 3 years to students (prosecuting their under-graduate studies). They should have secured a minimum of 50% of marks in the +2 (H.S) Examination and their parent’s income should be below Rs.24,000/- per   annum.

4. Senior College Merit Scholarship

This Scholarship amounts to Rs.50/- PM and it is awarded to students passing the Annual CHSE Examination of the state with merit.

5. National Scholarship to Children of Primary and Secondary School Teachers.

This scholarship is awarded by the DHE to sons and daughters of Primary and Secondary School Teachers who are prosecuting their studies in the undergraduate and post-graduate classes after passing their last examination in First Class. The rates of Scholarship per month as follows:

Rs.50/- at +2 Sc. stage. Rs.75/-  at +3 Sc. stage.

Rs.110/- for  Boarder studying in +3 Degree.

6.        Stipend to the Childrens of Freedom Fighters :

The deserving students who are the children of freedom fighters are eligible to apply for this stipend. Prescribed forms are available in the office of the DHE, Orissa. The applications are to be made through the principal of the respective colleges. The application forms should be accompained by -

i)   Attested copy of the marksheet of qualifying examination.

ii)   Certificate in support of the parents’  income.

iii)   Certificates regarding receipt of such stipends  previously.

iv)  Pension payment order (with number and date) of the parents.  The amount is   Rs.30/

- PM at Post-Matric stage.

7.        Educational concession to the children of Army Personnel in Active Service.

The value of the concession is the exemption in respect of tution  fee.

8.        Educational concession to the children of the Ex-serviceman (Defence Personnel.)

The concession in terms of book grant is awarded to the students who are the children of Ex-servicemen. Enclosing a certificate from the District Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmans Board or the local District Magistrate, the father of the student must apply to the institution concerned that he is ex-serviceman. The value of scholarship is as follows   :

At +2 stage Rs.40/- per annum.

At +3 degre stage Rs.50/- per annum (Book grant)

9.        Orthopaedically Handicapped Scholarship.

The scholarship is provided to the orthopaedically / Physically Handicapped students by the Social Welfare Department of the Stage Govt. through the Dist. Welfare office (DSWO) of each dist of the students of Degree and Post-Graduate   classes.

10.     Physically Handicapped Scholarship :

This scholarship is awarded by the State Youth Red Cross to Degree and POst Graduate students who are Physically handicapped like deaf, dumb, blind and the extent of disability should have ben more than 40%. The amount of scholarship is @Rs.90/- PM to boarders and Rs.60/- PM for day-scholars. They must be within the age group of 14 and 30 years and should have secured atleast 40% marks in the previous   examination.

11.        Post Matric Scholarship:

This scholarship is awarded by the TRW Dept.,Govt. of Orissa through the Sub- Collectors  of respective Sub-Divisions only to SC & ST students as per the following   rates.

At +2 level           (Day Scholar)         Rs.140/-  PM

(Boarders)         Rs.200/-  PM At +3 1st yr. class               (Boarders)                                     Rs.185/- PM

(Day Scholars)         Rs.355/-  PM At +3 2nd yr. class   (Boarders)                                                                    Rs.230/- PM

(Day Scholars)         Rs.120/- PM At +3 3rd yr. class                (Boarders)                                     Rs.230/- PM

(Day Scholars)         Rs.120/- PM

12.        National Science Talent Scholarship :

It is awarded on the basis of a competitive examination held on the first Sunday of each Calender Year. The value of the scholarship is Rs.100/-  PM.

13.     Sports Scholarships :

The Scholarship is awarded by the Govt. of India through the Directorate of Sports and Youth Affairs of State to undergraduate and P.G. students who have representated the state at All India Level and should have accompanied a commendable track record. The student must be regular in attendance.  This scholarship is awarded for a maximum period of 3 years and    a student in employment will not get this facility. He should not be an intimate of the sports hostel of the sports authority of India. The amount of scholarship is Rs.450/- per month and  the student must not be more than 19 years of age while applying for the   scholarship.

14.     Scholarships to the wards of Mine Workers :

This scholarship is awarded by Dept. of Welfare Govt. of India to the Children of Mines Workers who are prosecuting their studies in the undergraduate and P.G. classes. They get a lumsum grant of Rs.1,000/- for dress and other    allowances.

15.     Scholarship to the Children of Bidi Workers :

This Scholarship is awarded by the Ministry of Labours, Govt. of India to the children of Bidi workers who prosecute their studies in recognised    institutions. Both undergraduate and

P.G. students get a lumsum grant of Rs.1,000/- till they continue their   studies.

16.     Aids to Students :

Two types of financial assistance to students are available in the   college.

i)   Free  studentship

ii)   Financial Assistance from SSG.

Free studentship to the extent of 12.5% of the total strength of the students on the roles excluding SC,ST and Girls students are given either in the form of exemption from payment of full or half tuition fees. The Principal usually invites applications from students for both free studentship and SSG assistance in the month of August Applicants may be required to appear at an interview for the purpose. Merit and poverty are the criteria for the award of free-studentship.

17.     Prerana

Higher Education Department invites online application both fresh & renewal through common application form for award of Prerana for +2 & +3  students.




i)  Prahllad Mallick Memorial Award

This award is created by a donation of Rs.5,000/- deposited by Prahllad Mallick Memorial Trust. Proceeds from its interest is given as a prize to the best graduate of Arts stream.

ii)  Tapta Sundar Nayak Award :

This award is instituted in memory of late Tapta Sundar Nayak, an ex-studednt of this Institution. Proceeds from the interest of Rs.1000/- is awarded as prize to the Topper of the +2 Sc. Examination each year.

iii)  The following cash prizes shall be awarded to encourage students for qualitative academic achievements from the session 2012-13 onwards on the basis of performance of students in the previous academic session.

a)    Best Graduates (Arts/Sc./Com.)         Rs. 1000/- each

b)    University Toppers                    Rs. 3000/- each

c)    Best Tenth Position (U.U.)         Rs. 1000/- each

d)  +2 Council Toppers                    Rs. 10,000/- each

e)  +2 College Toppers (Arts/Sc./Com)Rs. 1000/- each

iv)   Boarders of Ladies Hostel persuing studies in +2 Arts/Science & Commerce classes and who have highest marks in qualifying examination (HSC) will be entitled with free seat rent. Three inmates, one each in each stream will get the benefit.